Partner with Us: Expand Your Brand's Presence with Chopped Tees

Broaden Your Market Reach Without Limits

At Chopped Tees, we offer an exceptional platform for brands looking to extend their market reach and enhance their sales potential. Our partnership model is uniquely designed to support your growth, without demanding exclusivity. This means you can enjoy the benefits of selling on our platform while maintaining your presence on other channels.

Why Partner with Chopped Tees?

Flexible Partnership: We do not require exclusivity from our brand partners. You are free to explore and engage with other sales channels concurrently, providing the freedom to maximize your brand’s reach.

Consistent Earnings: Benefit from a clear-cut earning structure, with payments for each item sold issued on the first of every month. Our model is crafted to ensure a rewarding and profitable partnership.

Increased Sales Through Free Shipping: Our strategy of offering free shipping has consistently proven to motivate customers to make more frequent purchases, directly benefiting your sales volume.

Swift and Sustainable Delivery: Leveraging our global fulfillment network means that your products are shipped from the nearest center to the customer’s location. This guarantees faster delivery times and reduces environmental impact by minimizing emissions.

Comprehensive, Automated Service: From listing to shipping and handling profits, our fully automated process allows you to focus on what you do best—creating exceptional products—while we take care of the rest.

Wholesale Opportunities for Partners: As a valued partner, you’ll have the option to purchase your own merchandise at wholesale prices, optimizing your inventory management and costs.

Collaborate with a Creative Community: Engage with our dynamic design community for collaborative design opportunities, ensuring your brand continues to innovate and capture the market.

Guaranteed Quality: We are committed to using only industry-standard garments, ensuring your products represent the best in quality and design.

Grow With Us, On Your Terms

Choosing Chopped Tees as a partner means gaining a collaborator committed to amplifying your brand. Our platform is tailored to facilitate your expansion and success, all while offering the flexibility to operate across multiple channels.

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